About Madeleine

Madeleine started working in London as a full time massage therapist in 2001. She has worked  with a variety of clients, from anyone walking through the door, to city workers with postural and RSI issues; to horse riders with a host of injury scenarios; to dancers and musicians, with performance related injuries and stress; to those with spinal injuries; to five star relaxation treatments.

Special clients – Pierce Brosnan & Adnan Kashoggi.

Her vocation in bodywork and desire to see people functioning at their physical best has lead her to train in a variety of healing modalities, all of which spread different light  and wisdom on the multi-dimensionality of the human body.  Her interest in yoga started as a desire to understand physical alignment from the inside out, and the practice of correct movement patterns that encourages joint congruence and mobility. The Rolf method with its emphasis on restoring alignment and movement  through myofascial work is an extension of this, and a beacon of hope for all those whose physical bodies have been compromised by injury, trauma or vocation.

Her further studies of yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya have lead her to becoming a yoga Therapist with renowned Yoga teacher and Therapist Gary Kraftsow of the American Vini-yoga institute. Yoga therapy differs from the class approach to provide one on one personalised practical strategies for huge transformation physically, constitutionally, emotionally and mentally.

Formerly a professional classical musician, her interest in body work and natural health began whilst writing her dissertation on Stress and Relaxation, for her BSc in Human Sciences, University College London.  Being a keen traveller, she has lived and worked in Europe, S-E Asia and Africa, and spent long periods in India,where she has been studying  and practising yoga.

She offers:

  • Structural Integration treatments
  • Remedial massage treatments
  • Yoga therapy sessions
  • On TOUR – where her multidisciplinary skills may be required to cater for different occasions.

Madeleine is trained and qualified in:

Yoga Therapy RYT 500 Accredited May 2020 American Viniyoga Institute Gary Kraftsow www.viniyoga.com.

Rolf Method of Structural Integration – Rolf Guild Boulder USA June 2012 www.rolfguild.org
Sports massage – London school of sports massage – Mel Cash June 2001 www.lssm.com
Shiatsu – European shiatsu school
Amatsu Integrated Medicine –  April 2004
Thai massage – Sunshine Network, Chang Mai Thailand – Asokananda May 2001 www.thaiyogamassage.infothai.com
Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapy 1& 2 2008, Somato Emotional Release 1 2009  www.upledger.co.uk
Reiki 1& 2 – Michael Kaufmann – London, Reiki Master – Julie Elizabeth White 2008
Anatomy Trains UK – Fascial Release series with James Earls 2013/14
2014 www.anatomytrains.co.uk
Yoga therapy & TTC – Atmavikasa 2006/08 www.atmavikasayoga.com
TTC – Sukashanti 2008 www.sukhashanti.net
Yin Yoga TTC – Paul Grilley 2010  www.paulgrilley.com
TTC & Yoga Therapy – Svastha Yoga 2013 www.svasthayoga.net
Various seminars with Srivatsa Ramaswami 2012/13 www.vinyasakrama.com
TTC with Steve Brandon – Harmony Yoga 2014 www.harmonyyoga.co.uk 

Madeleiene is currently training in AiM Anatomy in Motion with Gary Ward.

She is insured by Balens and a member of the International Association of Structural Integration.

Madeleine can be contacted on;
0778 6066434