Musician Testimonials

Joseph Pruessner, Double Bass player

“Madeleine’s treatments have been extremely effective in helping me resolve severe muscle tension in my right arm from playing.  I have been a professional musician for 3 decades, playing the double bass with the San Francisco Symphony and electric base with Joe Walsh among others, and most recently with the Malaysian Philharmonic.  The nature of that work requires repetitive use of specific muscles on one side of the body, resulting in often debilitating pain.  Madeleine has an intrinsic gift of applying the correct therapy to correct those imbalances and get me back playing pain free.  I whole heartedly recommend her as a therapist.”

Nick Zagni, commercial airline captain and part time trumpet player with the Gulbenkian Orchestra – Lisbon, Portugal

“Turning to the left for 10 years as a co-pilot left my chest permanently indented with a strong fascial pull over to the left that was clearly visible.  I still had a functional diaphragm, but the ability for my rib cage to articulate and expand was limited.  Receiving Rolf Structural Integration work was amazing as obviously my breath was limited if my lungs couldn’t expand fully, and so seeing my ribcage start to move in all directions again – increasing my lung capacity was extremely exciting.

I now do a daily set of breath and chest exercises that I would recommend to any trumpet, brass or wind player, not to mention some Structural Integration treatments.”

Gary Jones, Abba Gold

“As a blond tousled Bjorn touring with Abba Gold, I have suffered lower back problems for years.  Madeleine has worked on my back over the last 6 years.  She is highly skilled and intuitive with regards to sussing out where the root of the pain is.  I always feel stronger and taller after treatments and that my spine has been re-aligned.  It keeps me on the road…. thanks Madeleine”

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