Ayurdevic Face-Lift Massage

This traditional Ayurvedic face-lift massage is a specific facial massage lasting one hour and fifteen minutes that works the ‘Marma’ or energy points of the face, head and neck.  It is a superb method for keeping the wrinkles away and leaving the skin with a smooth texture and a healthy glow.

The treatment works by stimulating the circulation and lymph flow of the skin through the use of special oils and strokes, which promotes the regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin.  It also improves muscle tone and activates the natural metabolism of the skin, which increases the skin’s natural capacity to retain moisture.


In Ayurveda (traditional natural medicine of India), energy points are called ‘Marma’ points, which connect to each other by energy channels called ‘Nadis’ or meridians.  These marma points are points of connection between the physical body and the subtle energetic bodies.  In health, energy should flow in an uninterrupted fashion through the Nadis and Marma points.   However, due to stress and illness, energy tends to block in the Marma points, causing premature aging.  Hence the emphasis of this massage is to free the points of blockages such that energy can flow in an uninterrupted fashion through them.

There are 108 Marma points each relating to a specific organ and function of the body.  Of these, 37 are situated in the head and neck region. The reason for such a high concentration is the immense importance of the
head and neck as the location of the 5 senses – eyes, nose, tongue, ears and skin.  The head is also the first point of entry for Prana into our body – as air, food and water.  Ayurveda believes that as long as the five sense organs are healthy and happy,  then we can live a long and happy life.  This massage stimulates the sensory organs and relaxes the mind and soul.

Natural oils specific to your constitution are used for this treatment.  Ayurveda is very specific about using natural products, as what is applied topically to the skin is absorbed just like anything ingested; and will eventually get absorbed into the deepest tissues of the body such as the bones.

For Best Results

  • A course of 6 sessions is recommended ( see discount for all 6 sessions).
  • Simhasana or lion pose should be practiced.  (opening the mouth wide and sticking the tongue out whilst breathing out).  This relieves tension in the face, stimulating the release of emotional toxins from the head and face region.
  • Eye exercises to relax the eye muscles
  • Neck exercises to relax the head and neck muscles
  • Follow a light bland diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables during this period, and avoid alcohol as much as possible.  Herbal teas are also suggested rather than black tea and coffee.