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Madeleines Musicians Therapy

Madeleine is an experienced remedial therapist and offers a range of treatments for the common injuries suffered by musicians. Formerly a professional classical musician, she understands the demands of playing and potential for various overuse injuries.

She can help with:

• General aches and pains
• Overuse injuries and muscular imbalances
• Tendonitis and RSI
• Neck, back and shoulder pain
• Nerve entrapment syndromes
• Embouchure problems
• General problems related to posture
• Nervous tension

Other Useful Treatments

Madeleine is also a qualified Yoga Therapist and can give you Postural Analysis and Advice, and a personalized practise which;
• Maintains flexibility and muscular balance
• Keeps your back strong
Madeleine has a number of easy and practical back exercises that she considers essential to maintain ‘Alexander’s line’.  It is hard to sit well without the muscular strength to do so.

Common issues for Musicians

Most Problems incurred through Playing are due to Over Use Injuries and Poor Postural Alignment.

The importance of Posture:

A good posture means holding your body in such a way that bones and joints are as congruent as possible.  When joints become compromised –  muscular, neural and circulatory problems can occur. We are creatures of habit, and years of holding a certain posture causes our bodies to mould to that frequently held position adding to the potential for injury and pain.

Overuse Injuries:

Repetitive action of a muscle with time causes tears and a build up of scar tissue, until less and less muscle fibers within a muscle system can contract.  This causes weakness followed by pain, as connected structures such as the tendons and ligaments get involved (Tendonitis/ Carpal tunnel syndrome).  Massage is fundamental at restoring contractile ability or muscular strength. Muscles used extensively in any plane of movement may become over developed at the cost of other muscles that may atrophy, with a build up of metabolites and joints that no longer move in their entire range of motion. (frozen shoulder)

Musician’s Therapy Treatments

Madeleine Offers

  • Remedial  treatments
  • Yoga movement and breath classes

What does Remedial Massage do?

  • Relieves pain
  • Restores muscle strength and full range of movement
  • Maintains muscles in their optimal contractile state, pain and injury free
  • Re-establishes Postural Alignment
  • Reduces stress and the effects of brought on by nerves and anxiety.
  • Leaves you feeling centered, balanced and relaxed.

Yogic Help

Madeleine can show you exercises and stretches that will open up your body, strengthen and re-energize weak areas, keep your spine healthy and strong, enabling you to hold a good posture.  She will give you a personalized daily yoga/ exercise routine.

She also offers MOVEMENT & BREATH  classes.

  • Cultivating a deep steady breath;
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Controls the effects of anxiety
  • Open up the chest and lungs.  Nerves and instrument holding usually have the effect of closing the chest inwards and turning it into a piece of protective armoring. Steadiness of breath and nerves require the ability to breath deeply.  Vital capacity in the form of function of your heart and lungs require an open articulating rib cage.

If long hours of playing are demanded of you, be preventative.  Have regular treatments and a good stretch/ exercise routine.  If you don’t have time to cross train and stretch, then use your treatment session for this purpose.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email Madeleine.

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