“Working as a steel fabricator, I developed a chronic injury in my left shoulder. I had a significant amount of discomfort and lack of range of motion. I was recommended  to Madeleine, who relieved my shoulder and she suggested  I try the Rolfing 10 series. I liked the organized approach of the 10 series. I feel that it covered all of the major structural areas in a logically  progressive  way. I am pleased to see and feel that I am more balanced. I am very right hand dominant, due to my work, and now notice that I am more balanced, especially when working out at the gym. I have noticed significant  improvements in my ability to walk and move much more freely than before. As for my shoulder pain, gone!

Madeleine has an exceptionally  caring personality  and is a gifted and knowledgeable  healer. I would highly  recommend  Madeleine  and Rolfing  therapy to anyone  experiencing  chronic pain. Also the yoga therapy exercises  she taught me helped to integrate  the changes in my body from the treatments. Can’t wait  for my next treatment. Thanks Madeleine”

Frances Valentine  

Around 40 years ago I had a serious back injury.  At the time I was 33 and recovered quite quickly. For years my back caused no problems, but from my 50s onwards I began to have problems.  I went to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and latterly a Chiropracter.  All were able to help and the effectiveness of the treatment  usually  lasted  for some weeks.  However, with increasing age (I am now 75)  the problems became worse and the treatments less effective until three years ago I could barely walk 100 yards .

That was when I began to have treatment from Madeleine. I had the ten Rolfing treatments and since then have had more. My back problem can never be completely resolved and I will still need to have occasional treatment from Madeleine, but I feel years younger and fitter. I now do a daily 2 mile walk (including a steep up hill part).  I go to weekly Vinyasa Krama Yoga classes, weekly pilates and do 30 minutes of daily Yoga exercises.

Janet Adams, Global Head of Conduct, HSBC Commercial bank 

“Madeleine Zagni is a gifted healer and holistic health practitioner.

I had the good fortune of meeting Madeleine at the Reebok health club in London, where I booked a Rolfing session out of curiosity. Ass soon as she started working on me I realised she is an exceptional therapist; strong, glowing, healthful and vibrant, and she infuses her clients with those same qualities. I signed straight up for the Rolfing ten series, and together with some lifestyle changes – starting regular workouts at the gym and eating more healthily – proceeded to transform my body and correspondingly, my happiness levels.

For the first time ever I felt I had the possibility of a perfect body, within the constraints of my DNA at any rate. I had always felt my back was a bit hunched, a consequence of a sedentary desk job, my shoulders rounded forward, I knew my hips were a little misaligned, and hadn’t realised my right leg pointed slightly inwards. These imperfections weren’t critical or life threatening, but imperfections nonetheless and detracted from both my physical strength and my psychological presence.

After completing the ten series I feel, and look, transformed. I am stronger in every way and very grateful and glad to have met Madeleine. Next up I plan to start one to one yoga lessons with her and I can’t wait. I highly recommend her services.”

Kirsty Holmes  Life Coach  

“I went to Madeleine for Rolfing because my body felt stiff, tired and out of alignment after years of pushing myself through hard exercise and stressful work. After the first session I immediately felt my hollowed back correct itself and each subsequent session brought me more comfort and balance in movement whilst increasing my postural awareness when sitting and standing.

Madeleine’s warmth and professional approach meant the sessions were wonderful and I’d recommend her services to anyone.”