Vinyasa Krama

Madeleine teaches Vinyasa Krama both privately and as a public class in central Bath – every Tuesday at the Makery Beau Nash House, 19 Union Passage BA1 1RD 6.30 – 7.45pm. Admission £10, or half price for students or unemployed.

Benefits of Vinyasa Krama

– Develops the ability to breathe deeply and evenly with a huge calming affect on the central nervous system
– Improves muscular co-ordination and Posture
– Increases Strength and Flexibility
– Strengthens your Spine
– Increases mental Clarity, Calm and Concentration
– Improves Sleep
– Balances the Hormones and Improves Digestion
– Educates you about your body and correct Postural alignment
– Changes our neuromuscular muscular habits that keep us in bad postures, through conscious correct movement patterns

Vinyasa Krama means ‘Intelligent Sequencing’. It differs from other schools of yoga by;

– Slow movements into and out of postures with breath. This improves the action of opposing muscles around joints, which improves muscular co-ordination and joint congruence.
– Each vinyasa progressively moves onto harder variations at the rate our bodies open up and strengthen.
– Each movement is co-ordinated with a slow inhalation or exhalation that develops our breathing capacity, teaches us how to breath, improves our physiology and acts like a moving meditation for those interested in mindfulness.

Who Can Do Vinyasa Krama Yoga?

Vinyasa krama is accessible to all ages. Your yoga practise will be adapted specifically for you and your body. This applies equally to older beginners who may suffer postural problems, severe stiffness and weakness; and who might otherwise be put off a practise that is too strong and which over challenges the body. Vinyasa Krama helps you as an individual increase your own unique movement potential by working with relevant asanas. Through steady persistence, your body will transform towards greater balance, strength and flexibility.